Energy group minutes – Jan 2018

Thanks to everyone that came along to the last meeting. It was a very lively and upbeat way to start the year! Please find the minutes of the meeting below as drawings! Thanks to Chris for taking them. 

Here’s a bit of follow up information from Anna on bike generators:

How much energy does a bicycle dynamo give out?
A typical bike generator can produce 100 watts. If you pedal for an hour a day, 30 days a month, that’s (30 x 100=) 3000 watt-hours, or 3 kWh. That’s less than 1% of what a typical family uses in a month (920 kWH). You generated 0.3% of your energy, and continue to get 99.7% from the grid.

At the last meeting there was lots of interest in the sorts of activities we could do as part of the new Transition Towns led Sustainability Week. If you would like to be part of a sub group to further develop these ideas then please let me know.
The next meeting is on Thursday 8th Feb at 7:30pm in the White Rock hotel. The meetings take place on the second Thursday of the month which means the next dates for your diary are: Thursday 8th March, Thursday 12th April and Thursday 10th May.
If you haven’t come along to any meetings before but would like to come along then please do join us!

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