New funds for our community garden

Great news. We were successful in our application for a Sustainability & New Economy Grant from Quakers UK.  We will receive £200 to help fund the development of our community garden at St Leonards Warrior Square station, specifically around the water collection.

There is no water supply close to the garden and we so for the past few years volunteers have been carrying buckets of water across the foot bridge to top up water needs over the spring and summer months. We’re really excited to be able to take control of the water supply by purchasing some large water butts for the north platform. These will allow volunteers to spend more time focusing on planning,  designing and planting.

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2 thoughts on “New funds for our community garden

  1. Sherry Clark Reply

    Me again…
    Since stores are a fair distance away for some of us car-free St Leonards locals, anybody interested in taking a car load of voters for a one-off Tesco shop/vote?
    I’d be willing to break my general big-store boycott for this one-off good-cause occasion!

    1. TThastings Reply

      Or we could all walk there? Sarah

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