Anna Locke Permaculture (Permacultureanna)

Anna Locke Permaculture (Permacultureanna)

Permacultureanna is our local permaculture author, designer, workshop facilitator and small farmer.

She offers home garden, allotment or bigger project consultations, where she will visit your site and guide your next steps. She also offers a sustainable-garden design service, either working with you or coming up with a design for you.

On her website you will find help-yourself, home-study micro courses to get you going – either with designing your spaces or some free beginners food growing micro-courses.

More courses are available in-person through the 'Town Grown' project or her own permaculture practice, just check websites and social media for more details.

Her book, 'The Foragers Garden', (Permanent Publications, 2021) is a must-have guide for beginners or those new to permaculture gardening practice, written especially for people who would like to plant long-term, low-maintenance ever increasingly abundant gardens that are full of food! Do call or e-mail her with any queries.

Phone Number
07946 228110