Just Transition 20/30: Our Action Plan for 2020

On Saturday, 1 February, 30 Transition Town members came together at the White Rock Hotel to explore, debate and agreed on some exciting new priorities for 2020. We agreed to focus on some exciting new projects – details below.

If you’re interested in knowing more or want to get involved,  please do get in touch at info@transitiontownhastings.org.uk and feel free to spread the word !!!

A Green Hub for Hastings and St Leonards

A real or virtual hub that provides space to connect – bringing together individuals and groups keen on creating a more sustainable and integrated community. Similar conversations are taking place within The Common Treasury, in XR and at Energise Sussex Coast (ESC) so this is a great opportunity for collective action! Talk to Kate Meakin or Julia Hilton for info.

A Library of Things:

Initially introduced at The Common Treasury in October, it’s a great idea that has members keen to get one happening in Hastings. Why buy, if you can borrow? If you want to know more, check out

https://www.libraryofthings.co.uk/ or talk to Ursula McLaughlin or Sherry Clark.

A Hastings Woodland/ Planting Trees

Planting trees was a popular priority  – in town and country! Kate Meakin, Mary Dawson and Ken Davis are our champions.

Field Trips and Feasts

A series of learning journeys to places that inspire (Great Dixter and The Bevy got special mentions) and our always-popular potluck dinners. More events that bring us together for food and fun. Talk to Sherry Clark if you have any suggestions!

Map the Territory

From Living Streets to empty buildings, members are keen to contribute to creating an inventory of what’s there, what can be done and who is doing what – to help bring like-minded people and groups together. Sarah Macbeth and Julia Hilton are the go-to-gals for this one.

Hollington Gardens Friends:

A new initiative that matches keen volunteers with neglected family gardens. Lynn Savage or Maya Evans can tell you more.

We also agreed to continue to invest in existing projects & partnerships:

  • The Community Garden at Warrior Square Station (talk to Chris Petts, Alan Jeffries, Mick Studd or Michelle White)
  • The Big Lunch  – this year on Sunday, 7 June in Warrior Square Gardens (Talk to Sherry Clark)
  • Refill points around town, where you can fill up your reusable water bottle (Talk to Hannah Robbins at Wonderfill)
  • The Common Treasury of Adaptable Ideas(on Climate Action) (Talk to Sherry or Julia Hilton)
  • Activities related to Sustainability on Sea (Talk to Kate Meakin or Sarah Macbeth)
  • Sustainable transport, architecture and urban-planning (Contact Ken Davis or Julia Hilton)

A few projects have been put on hold – for now. We just can’t do everything!

  • Sustainability on Sea will happen next in Spring 2021, following on from a hopefully successful and inspiring COP26 in Glasgow in December
  • Car Free Day: after a great turnout in 2019, despite adverse weather, we are still looking for volunteers keen to take this forward in 2020 or 2021. The newly-formed Living Streets group is also keen to get involved in street
  • Swap shops, a local currency scheme, a network of initiatives around Sussex and beyond.
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