Library of Things is coming to Hastings!

The Common Treasury, Transition Town Hastings and others have been talking about a Library of Things for some time and now the conditions are right, and it’s happening!

What is a Library of Things – how does it work?

As its name suggests, it’s a library – but instead of books, you borrow common household items! It’s a way for people to borrow, not buy, things they only need every so often. It’s a way to save money, save the planet, and build community.

The Library will have an inventory of things – garden things, tool things, party things, camping things. (You can suggest things we should stock).

Members join for a small annual fee, then borrow things like a chocolate fountain, a drill or a tent; use them, then return them to be used by somebody else.

Who are we?

We are a new group, supported by Heart of Hastings (HOH) and others, which is why your email is coming via Transition Town. HOH is providing some infrastructure so the Library of Things group can get on with the fun stuff.

The LOT is community-led and community-run …essentially, a group of volunteers inspired by mutual aid. There are no leaders, but there are organisers and everyone can get involved.

When can we start using the Library of Things?

The Hastings Library of Things opens in the Spring of 2021, in Claremont, Hastings.

How can you find out more?

We will be updating our Facebook group regularly, and will add a website soon, but you can get in touch any time.

How can you help?
  1. Get the word out! Get people to join our facebook group or, even better, the mailing list. Ask people to email with Hastings Library of Things in the subject bar.
  2. Get involved. There are no leaders, just organisers, so ask a question, make a suggestion, arrange a call… team “LOT” would love to hear from you
Thank you, Transition Town Hastings!

And, a huge thank-you from “Team LOT” to Team Transition Town Hastings for the generous donation to help us on our way. We will use the money to buy a PAT (electrical safety) testing device and to train a couple of volunteer Librarians to use it. This will mean we can lend drills, candyfloss machines, and all sorts of other electrical appliances safely time and time again.

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