Minutes – Core group meeting June 2017

TTH Meeting June 21st 2017

Attendees: Kate Meakin, Chris Petts, Sarah Macbeth
Apologies: Karen, Alison, Laurie

April minutes outstanding tasks:

Green Directory for TTH website- Researching Team are: Sarah M on Waste , Sassy- on tourism & transport & Anna L on food. This is with the aim to create a local green directory of green services and products. The team will keep us updated as to their progress.
Action: Sarah to arrange another meetup
Green Drinks – what’s the schedule?
Action: Sarah to ask Anna and Scott if they’ll arrange schedule and promotion.
Sustainable Transport Forum
Action: Chris to ask Laurie to feedback –perhaps at next meeting?
Swap shop – July 15th 9-2pm Open to public 10-1pm.
Energy advice and swap shop Kate Rintoul (Make Food).
Kate plans to
• make some sort of meditterean summer stew with something cheap like cous cous
• demonstrate how to store vegetables and other foods to keep them fresh with some basic ingredients such as lettuce and herbs
• make the salad I couldn’t make last time which uses up old bread as a demo
Actions: Sarah to do promotion next week. Ask for volunteers.
Chris P and Kate M are both away.
Green Drinks
Need some help with organising. Chris to follow up.
MRF visit
19 people have signed up so far.
Sarah to check train prices and liaise with attendees for transport.

Community energy fortnight event
Next week on Weds at the Palace. Three speakers from Community Energy South, one from BHESCO and ESC.
This event will launch and invite people to the Transition Town Energy meeting on July 6th at White Rock Hotel 7:30pm.
Actions: Sarah to find energy group email list for Kate. Sarah to ask Karen to send Mailchimp reminder about CEF event AND add the new energy group meeting.
Transition SE event in Lewes
Sarah to attend and promote on facebook to see if anyone else from Hastings wants to go.
Date set for Weds 4th Oct. 7-9pm.
Sarah to book WRH main room.
Planning to start from next core group meeting.
Film show
What’s the next film show? Some suggestions:

Host a Screening

Action: Kate to review this energy film
Anna Locke has offered to run a permaculture course at the community garden.
Action: CP to follow up with Anna and discuss the idea and feedback.
Still waiting for Natalie to confirm that the waste will be removed.
Action: Chris to follow up.
What’s happening with water?
Action: Alison to follow up with Freyan at SCC about students doing water capture.
Signage: Sarah to follow up with Roz at SCC about signage.
What’s happening? Action: Karen to update by email or at next meeting.
1066 Energy campaign
This is at the set up stage. A steering group has been formed and the first speaker event arranged.
Aims are:
• Increasing the amount of locally owned renewable energy generation. Having a fair tariff (to cover Pre payment meters).
• Wasting less energy and awareness raising.
The first energy group meeting will give TTH people the opportunity to find out more. They will have the chance to steer the group in a particular way and create a distinct project – Transition Towns agenda for the energy campaign.
Finance update
£445.17. This is without the Chelsea Fringe money – £35.00
Big Lunch printing still to pay.
Actions: Chris to get in touch with Alex Francis about taking over the financial stuff for TTH.
Kate suggests we apply for the Tesco Bags of Help fund. Application is start and we get £1000 even if not voted for.
Think of an idea that people will vote for eg garden or mosaic.
Sarah to follow up and find out if there is any reporting to do and ask people for ideas. Focusing on the garden (and community workshops?) seems an obvious win.

Sustainability week – This is planned for next Spring. Sarah to look into Awards for all fund.

Next meeting date: Weds July 26th at Rock House, 49-51 Cambridge Road, Hastings

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