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1066 Card
Name: 1066 Card
Short Description: Town City Cards - spend money in local shops and restaurants and save money.
Money-saving discounts in local shops, businesses, cafes, restaurants and featured 1066 attractions!
Long Description:

Save up to 50% with a Town City Card in East Sussex. Anything from 10% discounts, 2for1 deals & free drinks with businesses, family attractions, restaurants & shops are included. Choose the town design you like & use it across East Sussex. The discounts are not one offs, you can redeem them again & again.

The 1066 Card (only £9.99) is available to purchase from Queens Arcade, Hastings Tourist Information Centre & Clambers Soft Play Centre & The True Crime Museum, or as a Digital Version from www.1066card.com.  . It offers money-saving discounts in local shops, businesses, cafes, restaurants and featured 1066 attractions!

In Battle from the The Crafty Norman.

In Hailsham from Callender’s, Maybugs, Hailsham Information Office, Knockhatch Adventure Park, The Royal Indian or direct from this website (free P&P)

Hundreds of savings across Sussex for days out, eating out, local businesses, shopping & more. Just show the 1066 Card and ask for the discount. Includes 25% discount at Knockhatch Adventure Park, and discounts at Blue Reef Aquarium, Smugglers Adventure, Carr Taylor Vineyard, Source Park and many more. See the full list of discounts here.

Phone Number: 07904-780809
Postal Address: 6 St Leonards on sea, East Sussex

Postcode: TN37 7RH
1066 Cycle Club
Short Description: 1066 Cycle Club is a group of people who enjoy cycling and want to improve cycling facilities in the ‘1066’ area of Sussex.
Long Description:

1066 Cycle Club have a variety of guided rides throughout the year, there’s something for all ages and abilities. Training sessions for novice riders, gentle flat rides, muddy off-road rides, long-distance road rides, hilly rides, and everything in between. Open to everyone (although under-16s must be accompanied on a ride by an adult). You don’t need to wear special clothing to cycle with the club!
New members are always welcome; just pop along to one of the rides and say hello.

1066 Local energy campaign
Long Description:

1066 Local Energy Campaign

We began the 1066 Energy Campaign by having a very simple idea. Hastings is celebrating its 950 year anniversary and aims to be a zero carbon town by 2066. A campaign to install 1066 solar roofs to win the battle against climate change and make energy more affordable for residents appeals to everyone.
The campaign aims:

Local generation of renewable energy.
Local ownership for community benefit.
Affordable energy through lower price of locally generated energy, innovative finance (buying clubs etc) and energy efficiency measures.
Knowledge and information sharing.

Energy use in homes amounts to just under a third of total energy use in the UK, contributing significantly to carbon emissions. In the last 10 years households have seen a staggering 140% increase to their energy bills, meaning heating our inefficient houses leads many into fuel poverty.

Our local area is one of the sunniest in Britain, we want the 1066 Energy campaign to be to use the sun to create good energy for the local area. We believe that the time has come for a community led energy revolution. One that puts local people back in control over their energy use and production and ensures the community benefits from it.

The local area has recently been successful in gaining two EU funded projects – Climate Active Neighborhoods (CAN) and Sustainable Houses in Inclusive Neighbourhoods (SHINE). The projects bring over £1.7 million of funding to the area and include programmes of retrofitting homes and community renewable energy. We think it’s the perfect time to use the momentum from the projects to launch the campaign to generate real and lasting change for 1066 Country.
Who’s involved?
The campaign has been initiated by Energise Sussex Coast, Citizens Advice 1066 and Transition Town Hastings. The campaign is based in 1066 Country which covers Hastings, Rother, Battle and Rye.

A steering group is currently being formed which aims to reflect the various local residents, community groups and organisations – to include education centres, faith groups, businesses, the arts and the local authority, along with national campaign organisations.

Website Address: http://1066energy.org.uk
Phone Number: Richard Watson, Director 07854951325 richard@energisesussexcoast.co.uk
Postal Address: c/o Hastings Trust Silchester Mews, 17a Silchester Road St Leonards on Sea,
Postcode: TN38 0JB
Alexandra Park Greenhouse
Short Description: Alexandra Park Greenhouse Group has rescued a 100ft, 1930s greenhouse from neglect and decline, and secured a 25-year lease from Hastings Council. It is now a working greenhouse again for the whole community to use as a vibrant horticultural and educational facility.

Long Description:

Alexandra Park Greenhouse Group sell plants nurtured in the greenhouse and with the support of local businesses, repairs have been carried out, borders restored, railings erected and cold frames built. Supermarket funding has enabled the group to commission restoration of most of the upper ironwork. Funding is currently being sought for repairs to the teak frame and installation of a permanent roof.

Be part of an ambitious project to restore this fabulous 1930's greenhouse and create a key educational and leisure resource within our community. We need more volunteers for gardening, watering, carpentry, landscaping, art and photography, Facebook, sales...and making tea!

Plant sales on Saturdays 11am-1pm.

Postal Address: Upper Part of Alexandra Park
Postcode: TN34 2LQ
Allotments, Hastings Borough Council.
Short Description: Hastings and St Leonards have 15 sites across the borough with around 600 plots, Many sites have active committees which make improvements to their sites by e.g. creating a wildflower area, raised beds for older gardeners, compost toilets, hold open days etc.
Long Description:

Apply online, average cost is 45.50 per year. There are two inspections of the sites a year to check if being cultivated - if not, you can lose your site.

There are numerous allotments sites throughout Hastings and they remain as popular as ever. In this section you can find out about how to apply for a space and how we manage the sites.

Why rent an allotment?
An allotment can provide fresh fruit and vegetables, a healthy outdoor life and a place to relax.
Is there a waiting list?
All allotments are fully tenanted but your name can easily be added to the appropriate site waiting list. Most people like to be on the site waiting list nearest to where they live.

Due to the long waiting time for a plot at the Collier Road allotment site, we have had to close the waiting list temporarily. The approximate wait time is 4-5 years. We will review the situation again in June 2020.
How large is a plot?
The plots are measured in rods. One rod is 30.25 square yards. An average size plot is approximately 5 rods (30ft x 46ft or 151.25 square yards).
How many sites are there?
There are fifteen sites in the Borough of Hastings and St Leonards. The Council manages 600 allotment plots spread over thirty acres on thirteen sites. There is one self-managed site and another which is privately run.
Allotment Sites
View an interactive map of the allotment site locations.

In Hastings:

Lower Cornwallis - Lower Park Road
Downs Road - Downs Road
BOS Field - Elphinstone Road
Collier Road - Collier Road
Bembrook - Croft Road
Apps Field - Croft Road
Lower Torfield - Old London Road
Fernbank - Old London Road
Pauls Field - Ashburnham Road
Lower Clive Vale - Off Harold Road

In St Leonards:

Harley Shute - Harley Shute Road
Marina - Tudor Avenue (Self Managed Site)
Choice - Blackman Avenue
Tivoli - Mildenhall Drive
Vale Road/Shornden - Vale Road (Private Site)

Arcade Butchers, Queens Arcade, Hastings.
Short Description: Local Pork and Romney marsh Lamb, Pevensey Beef from which make sausages, burgers, ham and bacon.
Long Description:

Freshly cut joints and chops or steaks cut as you require to your specifications of quantity and quality.

Our shop is well known for sourcing locally fed and reared meat products - notably rare breeds beef, lamb and pork, from these, Arcade Butchers create a vast range of hand-crafted products – from award-winning sausages, burgers, home-cured and smoked bacons and hams, through to succulent roasts and mouth-watering steaks, along with British birds of a feather, many free-range, and a full range of game.
Arcade Butchers' aim is to buy the very best local meat possible from local farmers and suppliers, and to keep it, prepare it, mature it and sell it at the best standards and at the right price.
In turn, customers can rest assured in the knowledge that we are purchasing locally sourced meat with consistent quality guaranteed and with the highest animal welfare standards assured through the entire process.
We have a mouth-watering choice of Beef, Pork and Poultry products to choose from, including all the normal cuts you'd expect from your butcher our more traditional meats are just as succulent, tender and flavoursome as our Exotic Meats.

Phone Number: 01424 423400
Short Description: Fri 10.15am - 12.15pm except 3rd Fri and 3rd Sat 10.15am - 12.15pm The Memorial Hall - closed last Sun before Xmas to end of Jan
Bexhill Market
Short Description: Fri 8.30am - 2pm Devonshire Square
Long Description:

The weekly Friday Bexhill Farmers’ Market is located in the centre of Bexhill, in Devonshire Square. All our stallholders have a passion for their produce and help to create a lively and vibrant shopping experience whatever the weather!

Stalls at the Market include local meat and game, artisan cheeses and bread, spices and herbs, speciality pastries, pies, free range eggs, local fresh fruit and vegetables, jams, preserves, honey, cakes and desserts, speciality teas, street food, dog and pet treats, garden plants as well as 'green' toiletries and household cleaning products.

Phone Number: Stallholder Rep, Barbara McCloud Tel: 07739 796281
Postal Address: Devonshire Square, Bexhill, Bexhill-on-Sea
Postcode: TN40 1AB
Bike Lab
Name: Bike Lab
Long Description:

We are a free to access, volunteer run, weekly community bicycle workshop.
We provide access to skills, advice, recycled spare parts, and tools.
Bike workshop open every Wednesday 6pm – 8pm

Bohemia Walled Garden
Short Description: A beautiful Victorian Walled Garden in Summerfields open to volunteers and plot holders.
Long Description:

The Bohemia Walled Garden Association was formed in 2009 in order to bring the Victorian Walled Garden in Summerfields back into active use for horticulture and associated educational and cultural activities.

The Management Committee submits its annual report and financial statement for the Bohemia Walled Garden Association (BWGA) for each year ending 31st December.

The garden is owned by Hastings Borough Council (HBC) and is located within the Summerfields Woods Local Nature Reserve (LNR).

Charity Status was awarded in May 2016. Charity No. 1167167

Click here to view our entry on the Charity Commission Website

Our  Charity Objectives are:

(1) To promote for the public the conservation, protection and improvement of the physical and natural environment;

(2) To advance the education of the public in the conservation, protection and improvement of the physical and natural environment; and

(3) The provision of facilities for recreation and other leisure-time occupation in the interests of social welfare for the public at large with the object of improving their conditions of life.

Structure, Governance and Management

The members of the Management Committee are responsible for ensuring that the BWGA has an appropriate system of financial controls. They are responsible for keeping proper accounting records which disclose, with reasonable accuracy at any time, the financial position of the Association, for safeguarding the assets of the Association and for taking reasonable steps to detect and prevent any financial irregularities.

The Management Committee consists of 7 Trustees:

John Freedman (Chair)
Dorothy Hill
Susan Jirbandey
Justine Munro
Daniela Othieno
Nigel Sinden
Darren Windley

They endeavor to ensure that all requirements in the lease from HBC are met.

The Committee is also responsible for the health and safety of plot­holders, members and volunteers working in the garden as well as visitors to the garden and ensuring that the Association complies with relevant statutory legislation.

The Committee is responsible for developing projects and events for the benefit of the members and the wider community in line with the business plan (See reference documents page)

Plot­holders, members and interested volunteers are kept informed of activities and events through the website, emails and other social media.

Opening Times

During the growing season of March to November the garden is usually open on Wednesdays and Sundays between 10am to 12pm.  Outside of these months and particularly if weather is bad (like snow or rain), the garden may be closed.


The garden does have a waterless toilet which is disabled accessible. Click here for details.


Well behaved dogs are welcome in the garden, but they must be kept on a lead at all times.

Postal Address: Bohemia Walled Garden Association
Summerfields Wood Nature Reserve
Postcode: TN34 1ND
Short Description: Fri 10am - 12noon Village Hall
Short Description: Authentic English wines - still and fruit.Tours available
Website Address: www.carr-taylor.co.uk
Phone Number: 1424752501
Postal Address: Yew Tree Farm, Wheel Lane, Westfield
Postcode: TN35 4SG
Carrolls, Grocers Ore Village.
Short Description: Fruit and veg with focus on local as much as possible.
Long Description:

Some organic but do try and get as much local as possible - of fruit and veg and small range of groceries.

Phone Number: 01424 437 065
Christians Against Poverty CAP
Short Description: Community support offering help/advice - debt centre, jobs clubs, fresh start, life skills, money courses - search for help in local area.
Long Description:

Poverty just loves to destroy lives. It breaks families apart, isolates people from friends and family, shatters confidence and drives many to think that suicide is the only way out.
UK poverty is real, with millions locked in its miserable grip. We’re not prepared to sit back and let it wreak havoc across our nation.

In a just and compassionate society, no one should be trapped in their home, afraid to open the door or answer the phone. No one should wake up wondering where they’ll find the money to feed their children or heat their home. No one should have to be alone, especially when times are tough.

That’s why CAP is on a mission. To restore hope for those who are lost and hurting. In partnership with incredible local churches across the UK, we’re bringing life-changing freedom and good news to people in desperate need.

Always through the Church. Always hope.

Website Address: http://www.capuk.org/
Phone Number: 8003280006
Postal Address: The Beacon Christian Centre, Claremont Rd, Bexhill on Sea
Postcode: TN39 5BX
Coastal Currents Arts Festival
Long Description:

The 2020 Festival will take place if funding allows during the whole of September with the Open Studios on the weekends of 5/6 and 12/13.
Please donate now to make 2020 happen https://www.gofundme.com/f/coastal-currents-2020
Submissions to Take Part will open in early 2020 website here coastalcurrents.org.uk/taking-part

Our funding has been cut
Support us here gofundme.com/coastal-currents-2020 Coastal Currents Arts Festival is managed by Sweet and Dandy Ltd.
This will be the 22nd festival having started in 1999 by Hastings Borough Council.

Coffin Club
Long Description:

Coffin Club Hastings was the first club to set up in the UK, in 2017. Since that time, it has gone from strength-to-strength with its membership increasing and a separate social group of ex-clubbers also thriving.

Coffin Club Hastings runs in six-week blocks. It is a safe space to come and learn about all the choices available to you for your end-of-life celebration. Each week there is a different invited speaker – from independent funeral directors, to end-of-life doulas and everything in between – and our clubbers work their way through their funeral wish-list until they’ve planned, and costed, the send-off that is just perfect for them!

In addition to being an educational platform there is also the opportunity, for those who wish to, to decorate their own coffin.

And, once you’ve completed the course, you then have the option of joining our other past clubbers for a once-a-month cuppa and catch up!

Coffin Club is a safe space to talk about death and plan your perfect send-off. It’s a place to come and learn about all the options available to you for your end-of-life celebration so that you are not simply channelled into having 20 minutes up the crem because you don’t know there are any other choices available to you. It is also somewhere to address funeral poverty by demystifying the costs involved.

Common Treasury
Long Description:

Share Your Great Idea In Our Treasure Chest
Welcome to the Common Treasury, a place to share any inspiring ideas that you come across on your travels that could make Hastings a happier healthier town. Let's build this into a treasure trove of adaptable ideas for a local economy that works within planetary limits and makes links between people, place and planet.
Please add a web site link, and image and write 100 – 200 words on why you think it would be good to bring this idea to Hastings.
Or take a look at the ideas already posted and vote on your favourites.

Postal Address: C/o Energise Sussex Coast
Silchester Mews, 17a Silchester Road
St Leonards on Sea,
East Sussex
Postcode: TN38 0JB
Community Garden at Warrior Square Station
Long Description:

The community garden at St Leonards Warrior Square, started in January 2016, is our first growing project in the area. We’re very excited to be transforming the environment around the station and getting local residents working and growing together.

Landscape architect and artist Julia Hilton created a garden design and we have received generous support from the following:

Keepers Nursery
Littlewoods Fencing
Gardenscape Direct Ltd
Bohemia Walled Garden
Alexandra Park Greenhouse Group
Ken Davis
Francoise Cooper
Pea Pod Veg
Trinity Wholefoods
Chris Dodwell
Leigh Dyer

Warrior Square station garden was looking beautiful when I passed by on the train yesterday. Not enough time to run out the door and grab some leaves but lovely to see. Well done all involved. A perfect example of how a once neglected small green space can become a productive and beautiful habitat.
Adam Clamp, Hastings Environment Network
If you would like to join us for a working session please check our events calendar.

Council water butts
Long Description:

Compost Bins
Working with councils across the UK to deliver great value compost bins water butts and more - getcomposting.com

Country Market Hastings
Short Description: Home baked goods plus home grown produce.
Long Description:

A co-operative enterprise selling a range of baked goods, preserves, eggs and honey.

Fri 10.15am - 11.15am closed Jan and Good Fri All Saints Hall, All Saints St TN34 3BG.

Phone Number: 0871 716 2642
Postal Address: All Saints Hall All Saints Street Hastings
Postcode: TN34 3BG
Cranbrook Market
Short Description: 4th Sat 9.00am - 1pm Vestry Hall
Long Description:

The market is always a weekly delight for the senses. It awakens a sleepy Saturday with beautiful sights, sounds and delicious smells. Throughout the 2019 season, the Cranbrook Farmer’s Market will host a variety of performers, musicians and fun activities for the whole family. This takes place alongside a diverse array of local food producers, growers and artisans offering their hand-crafted, home-made, locally-grown and produced items.
The Cranbrook Farmer’s Market has become so much more than a place to shop. It’s a place to connect with friends, to celebrate local business and farming, and to stroll with no set agenda. It is a place to learn things and meet people.

Phone Number: (778) 963-0418
Postal Address: Cranbrook Farmer's Market, P.O. Box 356, Cranbrook BC
Postcode: V1C 4H8
Crowhurst Community Agriculture.
Short Description: A kitchen garden, greenhouse at Upper Wilting Farm,Crowhurst Road, St L. - growing wide range of organic veg and fruit. They also have another plot for growing produce at Upper Wilting Farm orchard.
Long Description:

Currently 10 members and always keen to have new members. Costs 40 pounds a year to join with agreement to work at least 4 hours a month on the site. Friendly, communal environment where all learn from each other.

Sarah and Stephen have been tenant farmers at Upper Wilting Farm since 1987. In 2008, Sarah and Stephen were approached by some members of the newly formed Transition Town Hastings Group to ask about the possibility of growing some vegetables on the farm. Sarah, being a keen horticulturalist, agreed to develop a pilot project using the kitchen garden of the farmhouse. In 2009 we had a membership of 25 groups. We ask a small membership fee of less than £1 per week. We expect at least 4 hours work per month from each membership but as the work comes in peaks and troughs, members can bank their hours in the busy months and have reduced their hours through the winter. In return each family group takes home a share of the harvest. We have two working days per week, Wednesday and Saturday but are flexible if members want to come at other times.

Phone Number: 01424 830613
Divest East Sussex
Long Description:

Divest East Sussex is an umbrella group of organisations campaigning to divest the East Sussex Pension Fund from fossil fuels (oil, coal and gas). Its current members are: Fossil Free Hastings, Climate Forest Row and Keep It In the Ground Lewes. Supporters include Divest Sussex and the Brighton Climate Action Network.
It is one of a wide-range of groups around the UK, and across the world, campaigning for divestment from fossil fuel companies.
Why are we campaigning for divestment? For two primary reasons:
(1) According to the current science, at least 80% of the world’s proven reserves of fossil fuels (coal, oil and gas) will need to remain in the ground if we are going to keep global warming below two degrees Celsius – a threshold that world leaders at the 2009 Climate Summit recognised should not be crossed. Yet in 2012 alone the 200 largest listed fossil fuel (oil, coal & gas) companies spent $674 billion on developing new reserves. Divestment is a way of morally bankrupting the fossil fuel industries, and thereby creating the political space for governments and international institutions to take effective action against climate change.
(2 For several years now, leading economists have warned of the economic dangers of the so-called ‘carbon bubble’: the over-valuation of oil, coal and gas reserves held by fossil fuel companies, the majority of whose reserves will have to left in the ground when governments start taking serious action to avert catastrophic climate change.
For example, Lord (Nicholas) Stern, a professor at the London School of Economics and chair of the Grantham Research Institute on Climate Change and the Environment, has characterised the risk as “very big indeed”, while HSBC has ‘warned that 40-60% of the market capitalisation of oil and gas companies [is] at risk from the carbon bubble, with the top 200 fossil fuel companies alone having a current value of $4tn, along with $1.5tn debt.’
The County Council’s £150m worth of investments in coal, oil and gas are a clear and present danger to local people’s pensions.

Phone Number: 07596 483 272
Energise Sussex Coast
Long Description:

Energise Sussex Coast is a community benefit co-operative. Our mission is to act co-operatively to tackle the climate crisis and energy injustice through community owned renewable power and energy saving schemes.

Energise Sussex Coast provides a range of services including:

Energy advice
Installing community funded solar on community buildings

Postal Address: 17a Silchester Mews, Silchester Road
St Leonards On Sea
Postcode: TN38 0JB
Eve Apple Press
Long Description:

Do you have excess apples that usually go to waste?

Eve Apple Press provides a mobile service to press your excess apples into delicious, organic juice.

By pressing your apples into juice,  it reduces the volume of apples into a more useable and manageable product that can be easily stored and used when needed, for cooking, mixing a cocktail, simply drinking on its own or making your own cider.

If you do not want to use your apples then I am happy to come and pick them and take them away for you.

Turn your ‘waste into want’ and try out the  apple pressing service at home or at a local community event.


Find us on Facebook

Phone Number: 07540 118131
Filsham Reedbeds
Long Description:

Filsham Reedbed

A large reedbed with ditches and lagoons, set in a river valley floodplain
One of the largest reedbeds in Sussex, Filsham Reedbed sits at the southern end of the Combe Haven Valley, the green space between Bexhill and Hastings. The valley contains a range of wetland habitats and is an important resource for water and flood storage. Much of the valley is grazing marsh, but reed, reed-fen, and swamp communities are all present as well as areas of ancient woodland. This variety of habitats in turn supports a wide range of plant, invertebrate and bird life.

Owned by Hastings Borough Council and designated a Local Nature Reserve by them, Filsham Reedbed has been managed by Sussex Wildlife Trust since the mid 1970s. It is also a Site of Special Scientific Interest, along with the rest of the valley, designated for the range of habitats it supports, in particular the alluvial meadows and fen, but also for the dragonfly fauna and bird assemblage. The reedbed would originally have been grazing meadows as is still present further up the valley. However, with the cessation of grazing, reed already present within the ditches was allowed to spread and the reedbed we see today developed quite naturally in just a few decades. Today we maintain this balance of habitats to provide optimum conditions for a wide range of species.

Postal Address: Woods Mill,
West Sussex,
Postcode: BN5 9SD
Fish Festivals Hastings
Short Description: 3 annual fish festivals - Midsummer Festival in June, Hastings Seafood and Wine festival in September and Herring Fair in November.
Long Description:

Located on the Stade - food stalls, wines, music - check website for dates.

Indulge in a mouth-watering weekend of delicious seafood and luscious wines at this spectacular festival.

The festival site and the marquees on The Stade by the historic Net Huts showcase a range of food, wine and themed activities to tempt everyone from wine connoisseurs and seafood sophisticates to those who just enjoy trying something different.

Superb live music and street entertainment completes the lively festival atmosphere, making this an unmissable event. The festival is centered around The Stade and Rock-a-Nore Road in the heart of the Old Town, although business across the whole of Hastings join in with special menus and entertainment.


Phone Number: Tel+44(0)1424 451111
Fixing Club
Short Description: The Club invites potential members to bring small tools, toolkits and items that need fixing: a staple gun, some buttons, a can of oil.
Long Description:

Hastings Fixing Club is a new group dedicated to fixing things otherwise given up for lost. Most people have some small items they could fix, if they had the time, or the skill, or the tools. Perhaps a new button on a coat, or a squeaky hinge that needs a drop of WD40.

The Club invites potential members to bring small tools, toolkits and items that need fixing: a staple gun, some buttons, a can of oil. Tools and skills can then be shared to repair what’s broken. If there is a small local business that could do the work better we will signpost you to it.

Club founder, Shelley F says that she got the idea when a friend lent her his staple gun, enabling her to make a projector screen from a pallet and a sheet. “Without that tool, I couldn’t have made a screen from what was basically rubbish, and it made me realise that many people could be in the same position. My husband has a real interest in electronics, and told me about restart parties, where people come together to fix devices like phones, and we thought it could work in Hastings.”

• The Fixing Club is inviting people who might be interested to meet up Saturday 2nd February, 2-4pm at Grand Rue de Pera, 73 Queens Road, Hastings. No entrance fee, but contribute what you can: skills, a tool, a cuppa or a smile. Please note, this is a café, so no large or messy work to be undertaken. More information: email fixingclub@gmx.com

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Food Fore Thought
Long Description:

Food Fore Thought
Wickham Manor Farm

Locally produced lamb, beef and pork from organic farm.

Farm shop Fri 11am - 2pm if you wish to buy.

Order by phone and arrange collection time. Sell at local farmers markets.

Phone Number: 01797225 575, 01580 830 500
Postal Address: Wickham Manor Farm
Pannel Lane
East Sussex
Postcode: TN36 4AG
Four Courts
Long Description:

Four courts community centre is situated in St Leonard's on sea at the end of the large car park behind the high rise flats. With its good size hall you can fit plenty of bouncy castles and soft play packages. It suits children's parties & offers a small gated outdoor space at the front. Below is all the equipment and Soft Play party packages that fit within this hall.

This hall also offers:
• Kitchen facilities
• Ample off road parking
• Tables & chairs

Phone Number: 02080362206
Postal Address: Sydney Cl, St Leonards, Hastings, Saint Leonards-on-sea
Postcode: TN38 9DD
Short Description: plant and garden produce including honey from hives on site and chutneys made from their own produce
Long Description:

Centre that offers horticultural training for adults with wide spectrum of learning difficulties - producing plants and garden produce for sale. Offers community gardening

Phone Number: 1424752555
Postal Address: Ore Place Farm, The Ridge, Hastings
Postcode: TN34 2RA
FSN (Fellowship of St Nicholas)
Long Description:

FSN was founded in 1939 for the purpose of looking after disadvantaged children, especially orphans. Over a period of 46 years, FSN opened 8 children’s homes and thousands of children passed through its doors. By the 1970’s, changes were taking place in children’s services, and by 1985, all of the homes were closed. However, faced with an increasing social need, FSN opened new residential hostels and developed their first community services. Between 1985 and 1999, FSN developed services such as play schemes, took over a local day nursery, started a Fun Bus and developed a local family support project.

In 1999, FSN sold its properties and moved to the St Nicholas Centre site where it stands today. Major building works took place to support plans for the delivery of services, including installing a lift, conversion of the basement and creating rooms to hire and office space to let. Since 1999, FSN has further developed the site which now includes a purpose built day nursery, a Children’s Centre offering health and family support services for children under the age of 5 and a multi-use games area.

In 2004, FSN expanded its services into the Robsack Centre which had been at risk of closure, raising vital funds to refurbish the building to provide office space, a dedicated childcare space and a new climbing wall.

Since opening its first nursery, St Nick’s in 2003, FSN now offers provision for children across 3 further nurseries, including Greenway Nursery, opened in 2007, Little Common Nursery opened in 2013 and most recently Silverdale Nursery opened in 2015.

FSN also delivers a range of services across a wide area including Hastings, St Leonards, Rother and Wealden, responding to the changing needs of the community and the children, young people and families that live there.

It is with thanks to the dedication, commitment and creativity of staff, volunteers and supporters which has ensured the success and growth of FSN from its beginnings to the present day.

FSN aims to provide effective and professional caring action without discrimination and favour for children and young people suffering the effects of poverty, disadvantage, neglect and abuse. Trustees and staff together agree that the following values must underpin our work:
• Poverty • Disadvantage • Discrimination • Social exclusion
• Equality • Needs led services • Participation
• Community • Social justice • Preventative action

Phone Number: 01424 423683
Postal Address: St Nicholas Centre, 66 London Road, St Leonards on Sea, East Sussex
Postcode: TN37 6AS
Hailsham Market
Short Description: A regular street market selling locally produced items and unique gifts.
Long Description:

A regular street market selling locally produced items and unique gifts has re-opened for the New Year following a short break after the festive period.

Hailsham Street Market stalls are setting up pitch in Vicarage Field from 8.30am to 3pm every Saturday commencing 5th January, and items on sale include fresh fruit and vegetables, sausages, crafts and jewellery, jams and chutneys, confectionary and more.

Some of the local producers operating at the new market already sell goods in other local markets in the south east.

The continuation of the Hailsham Street Market, which was launched in August 2013, is just one of many projects being carried out by the Town Council’s Communities Committee, aimed at improving retail opportunities locally and increasing footfall within the town.

Half Man Half Burger
Short Description: Beef for burgers locally sourced 100% grass fed. Vegan and vegitarian options. Compostable containers. Sell beer from Brewing Brothers micro-brewhouse. Order by phone or online. Shop in Eastbourne and at festivals.
Long Description:

Welcome, one and all, to Half Man! Half Burger!
Since July 2015 we have been Hastings / St Leonard’s first dedicated, fully licensed Burger restaurant. Eighteen months later in December 2016 we opened our second site in Eastbourne. Slowly, and with the right degree of mellowness and righteousness, plans are taking shape for a third Half Man! Half Burger!...
We honed our craft waaaay back in 2013 in various pop-up restaurants and street food events in Brighton. From that we graduated to rocking our burgers on the UK festival circuit including Glastonbury Festival and Sonisphere. On that note, thanks to everyone who helped us smash it at GLASTONBURY 2016, 2017 & 2019. See you by The John Peel Stage in 2020!
This frantic dedication led to the opening our first permanent home at the art-deco tastic Marine Court in St Leonard’s-on-Sea. In our eyes St Leonard’s and Hastings really needed a dedicated burger joint where we would enjoy eating and drinking. We figured if we did, others would join us. We opened to a long queue around the building, and not much has changed since. We were (and still are) blown away by the reception our burger dream has had.
The same outlook brought us to Eastbourne in 2016, we already had people visiting regularly so being there was a no-brainer. As soon as we opened the door in Eastbourne it was obvious we did the right thing. In Eastbourne we set up on Grove Road, next to vinyl record shops, small theatres, comic stores and indie coffee shops. The Sunday Times named it one of the Coolest Places to Live in 2018, describing Grove Road as ‘the next wave of coastal cool’.
In 2019 we started our on-going monthly pop-up in Brighton at UnBarred Brewery & Taproom. We are always on the lookout for the perfect Brighton site to take our brand home - watch this space!
Our mission was inspired by many pilgrimages to authentic American burger joints where we soaked up the vibes and the food. Half Man! Half Burger! are here to offer a fresh & local burger experience, obsessed with delivering the tastiest burgers possible. Our mission is simple: to create perfect hamburgers, fries and sides every time, using only the best ingredients. We believe food and drink should served up in a laid-back environment with a smile, whilst playing some decent rock n'roll (and the occasional bit of proper old-school Metal) at the same time. We took several trips to the then-burgeoning street-food/indie restaurant scene in Brooklyn, New York to help inspire the layout and decor. We wanted to bring sharp minimal design and Americana together, with our love of good music running throughout.
Integrity and hard work are the lifeblood of our kitchens, and we aim to keep it that way. Wherever you eat, if you choose to dine in with us, or takeaway, our promise of real fresh food is what makes it taste so damn good. This stuff ain't easy!
We believe passionately in providing more quality, more consistency and - most of all - more taste. The Half Man! Half Burger! experience aims to deliver this with every burger - every time.
We realised another dream when we collaborated with Brewing Brothers micro-brewhouse to create our own beer - Half Man! Half Brother! Now the biggest selling beer at our sites. Whatever your take on burgers, we like to turn up the music, ramp up the quality of service and food, all the while making burger dreams come true every single day!

Phone Number: 1424552332
Postal Address: 7 Marine Court, St Leonards on Sea
Postcode: TN38 0DX
Short Description: Range of organic veg boxes, fruit boxes and eggs. Order by phone - free delivery areas between Brighton and Eastbourne
Website Address: www.hankhamorganics.co.uk
Phone Number: 01323741000 or 07815019902 Miles
Postal Address: Hankham Nurseries, Hankham
Postcode: BN24 5BE
Harbor Designs
Long Description:

Harbor Designs started out life in 2006 as a social enterprise called Hastings and Bexhill Wood Recycling. We began by rescuing and recycling all types of wood and taking unskilled trainee craftsmen from a number of government-funded schemes. Today our workshop is in Hastings and we continue to rescue and reclaim wood to produce our bespoke, design-led furniture for commercial clients and private individuals across the UK and Europe.

Phone Number: 01424 715 566
Postal Address: Trinity Hall
Braybrooke Terrace
Postcode: TN34 1HQ
Harbour Furniture
Long Description:

Harbor Designs Hastings
Our showroom and workshop is situated in the historic town of Hastings, East Sussex. We specialise in handmade furniture using reclaimed and salvaged wood, from old scaffold boards to decking from the original Hastings Pier that was destroyed by fire in 2010.
Our craftsmen produce bespoke furniture for contract environments such as table tops for restaurants, reception desks for offices and cladding for bars or trade show units. We also make bespoke furniture for peoples’ homes including furniture for kitchens, living rooms, home offices, dining rooms and gardens.
No matter how big or small your project we pride ourselves on finding the right solution for your individual requirements.
To see our range made from reclaimed wood or talk to us in person about a bespoke piece please contact us or visit our showroom.
Please visit us at Trinity Hall to purchase or commission any of our furniture designs direct. We are open from 10am to 5pm, Monday to Friday. Saturday's by appointment.

Phone Number: 01424 715 566
Postal Address: Trinity Hall
Braybrooke Terrace
Postcode: TN34 1HQ
Hastings and Rother Beekeepers
Long Description:

As beekeepers we love our hobby - for some it is a business, to most it is a pastime for the care of honeybees and enjoying nature 🙂

We belong to a divisional body called the British Beekeepers Association so that we can, as a group, provide our members with support, education opportunities, legal guidance, insurance and a huge range of social activities.

We hold regular meetings all year round; in the winter we hold talks and demonstrations so that come the spring, summer and autumn we can be out giving our bees the best care possible. Our summer meetings take place at the association apiary where hives are opened for inspection.(weather permitting!)

Every year we have shows that our members can enter their honey, honeycomb, wax, cakes, candles and photographs in.

We need to ensure that the bees we keep are at their healthiest as wild bees are decreasing in number.

This requires the need to recognise health problems and knowing the best course of action.

Phone Number: 01424 814837
Hastings Breeze
Long Description:

Women-only bike rides
HSBC UK Breeze offers fun, free bike rides for women of all abilities across the UK.


It doesn’t matter if you’re keeping fit, young at heart, wise beyond your years, or baffled by gears. Every woman is welcome on an HSBC UK Breeze ride.

You’ll discover new places to ride. Gain confidence as a group. Make new friends. Do things you never knew you could. And have a lot of fun. That’s the power of riding together.

We know it's easier said than done, so our Breeze Champions will organise everything, lead the group, and make sure everyone stays safe. All you have to do is sign up.

Hastings Fish
Long Description:

Fresh fish has been landed from the Stade in Hastings Old Town for over one thousand years.
Hastings has the largest beach-launched fleet in Europe and fishermen use sustainable practices such as adapting their nets and fishing patterns to the fish that are in the local area and using safe fishing methods to help maintain stocks and habitats. As a result of this, Hastings has one of the strongest fishing stocks in the country and is regarded internationally as an example of best practice in sustainable fishing methods among professional associations, fishing fleets and chefs.

Search our directories to find your nearest retailer; the Hastings Fish brand represents a ‘stamp of approval’ and means when you see the logo at a fishmonger, wholesaler, on a restaurant menu or at a food kiosk, you're getting local, sustainably sourced fish.

Short Description: Just under 20 beach launched boats fish between Dungeness and Beachy Head using eco friendly static nets which put less pressure on local stocks and on the sea bed,
Long Description:

The Hastiings fleet was one of the first in the UK to be recognised by the Marine Stewardship Council.

Hastings FLAG
Long Description:

The Hastings FLAG is a highly representative body of individuals and organisations drawn from the fisheries, public, private and community sectors. The Hastings FLAG is one of six local FLAG's in England which were recently awarded £800,000 as part of the EU’s European Maritime Fisheries Fund which was administered by the Marine Management Organisation (MMO) on behalf of DEFRA. The latest round of funding, known as FLAG 2, is finishing in March 2020.

The Hastings FLAG successfully supported 23 different projects during FLAG 1 under the “Invest in sustainable fisheries” theme. Support was given to 18 projects during the FLAG 2 programme under 3 different themes as seen below. Details of the individual projects can be seen through the tabs at the top of the page.

The Hastings FLAG looks forward to working with MMO and DEFRA regarding any future national funding support.

Phone Number: +44 1424 451796
Postal Address: Hastings Borough Council, Breeds Place, Hastings
Postcode: TN34 3UY
Hastings Furniture Service
Short Description: HFS: local independent registered charity and social enterprise serving Hastings and Rother, that provides affordable reused furniture, helps low-income households to furnish their homes.
Long Description:

HFS is a local independent registered charity that provides affordable reused furniture, helps low-income households to furnish their homes, collects surplus furniture and appliances for reuse, and provides practical opportunities for people to gain skills, experience and confidence.

Every year the HFS team:

Collects and re-uses over 300 tonnes of furniture and electricals that would otherwise go to waste.
Helps over 2,000 low-income households furnish their homes.
Supports over 100 people who are out of work to gain skills and confidence.

Website Address: http://hfs.org.uk/
Phone Number: 01424 44 11 12, 01424 22 35 94
Postal Address: 6-8 Dorset Pl, Hastings
47 London Road Bexhill
Postcode: Hastings TN34 1LG, Bexhill TN39 3JY