Allotments, Hastings Borough Council.

Allotments, Hastings Borough Council.

Apply online, average cost is 45.50 per year. There are two inspections of the sites a year to check if being cultivated - if not, you can lose your site.

There are numerous allotments sites throughout Hastings and they remain as popular as ever. In this section you can find out about how to apply for a space and how we manage the sites.

Why rent an allotment?

An allotment can provide fresh fruit and vegetables, a healthy outdoor life and a place to relax.

Is there a waiting list?

All allotments are fully tenanted but your name can easily be added to the appropriate site waiting list. Most people like to be on the site waiting list nearest to where they live.

Due to the long waiting time for a plot at the Collier Road allotment site, we have had to close the waiting list temporarily. The approximate wait time is 4-5 years. We will review the situation again in June 2020.

How large is a plot?

The plots are measured in rods. One rod is 30.25 square yards. An average size plot is approximately 5 rods (30ft x 46ft or 151.25 square yards).

How many sites are there?

There are fifteen sites in the Borough of Hastings and St Leonards. The Council manages 600 allotment plots spread over thirty acres on thirteen sites. There is one self-managed site and another which is privately run.

Allotment Sites

View an interactive map of the allotment site locations.

In Hastings:

In St Leonards: