Talk on energy conservation in houses, August 1st 2015

Thanks to Ken Davis for making our first talk a great success. Ken gave a very informative talk, discussing how best to approach improving the energy efficiency of our homes.

Here are the key ‘take homes’:

  • Building need to adapt, conservation can’t continue to keep things the same as before.
  • We need to establish some new building techniques and methods and find new ways to understand buildings.
  • Breathability is important in older buildings, use materials that maintain air flow
  • Leave a year after moving into a property to understand how it breathes and how moisture moves around it.
  • Maintenance is the first step – review and fix gutters, etc
  • Insulate with natural materials such as wool, don’t use fibreglass.
  • If considering alternative energy sources and you can’t do anything else, start with a condensing boiler.
  • Do basics first- draught proofing and insulation.
  • Water recycling is expensive – start with a water butt.
  • We need better education about buildings, policy changes.
  • Use radiator thermostats
  • Use fans in kitchen and bathrooms to reduce moisture.

Ken’s presentation can be downloaded here.

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