Transition Community Energy Group Meeting – 6th July 2017 minutes

  1. Welcome and introductions
  2. Energy vision for Hastings and St Leonards

The group split into 2 and brainstormed the following list of ideas and waves of genius:

  • Create a happy energy road map
  • Decentralised energy – there’s too much power in companies hands
  • Water turbine at the Old Roar stream
  • Solar generating electric car charging station
  • Get inspiration from Germany. Twin with a similar sized German town to learn from their work on renewables (who are we twinned with already? Are they doing anything interesting or do we need to find a new twin?
  • Cycle tracks and roads which generate kinetic electricity
  • Wind turbines in the sea
  • Using local history – West Hill used to have 2 windmills and there were water mills in the priory
  • Make the pier self sufficient in energy
  • Reach out to Elan Musk to test out new innovative roof tiles here. Encourage a pilot project here.
  • Encourage tech innovations to Hastings. Bring in money. Silicon seaside.
  • Pressure council that all new houses should have solar panels.
  • Warm draught free houses
  • Get people onside by offering community ownership
  • Rotary turbines
  • Solar is low hanging fruit
  • Houses generating electricity for car charging
  • Be resilient – don’t just go for one thing
  • Solar tram
  • Ultra local energy e.g. generating pedal powered energy at festivals etc
  • Kinetic walking paths – engaging
  • Pier to eternity bike ride
  • We are close to coast and have a lot of open space and wave power from the pier and roofs for solar
  • Use interesting spaces for solar e.g. a car park to protect cars
  • Railway embankment
  • Small scale biogas
  • Teach composting
  • Free solar bus
  • Solar Tram
  • Having a baseline of energy use for Hastings
  • Linking with arts community
  • Should Hastings join with other local areas or can we do this alone?

We will vote on the ideas at the next meeting using dot-ocracy

  1. Agree agenda for the meeting
  2. Discussion of purpose of the group

We will vote on the ideas at the next meeting but it was agreed that the group is there to inspire and educate.

  1. Date and time of the next meeting

Thursday 10th August, 7:30pm – 9pm, White Rock Hotel

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