Southside Wrappers

Southside Wrappers

Southside Wrappers

We do the best, tastiest Wraps and Quesadillas Southside of London.
We can cater for any Food intolerance's and allergies.

Vegans, Vegetarian and Meat Dishes.

Around the south of England
Available for hire, Weddings, Party's, Events, Markets and more.......
Menu whilst at Priory Meadow is
Pronunciation: Kay-sa-dee-ahNoun:
A Tortilla Wrap filled with Cheese and toasted
Breakfast can’t wait    
Cheese, Egg, Bacon, Dom’s Breakfast SauceI’m Chicken Hearted     
Cheese, Chicken, Chorizo, Chipotle mayo, Spring onion and Rocket

Dead Ringer for Ham   
Cheese, Ham, BBQ sauce, Spring onion and RocketSweet Chilli of Mine     
Cheese, Chicken, Ham, Sweet chilli sauce, Spring onion and Rocket

Vegan/ Vegetarian options

Chickapea and the Cauliflowers  
Cheese or Vegan Cheese, Cajun cauliflower and chickpea, Doms Hot Chilli Sauce, Spring onion and Rocket

Bean Around The World    
Cheese or Vegan Cheese, Mild 2 Bean and Sweetcorn Chilli, Peri Peri Sauce, Spring onion and Rocket

Whipper Snapper Wrapper   

For the small guys and gals
Cheese, Ham or Chicken, Tomato sauce
Phone Number
MESSAGE 07813 161988
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