Donated plants now in the new raised beds

Last Saturday (August 6th) we planted beetroot, mint, tomatoes and more strawberries. We’ve got a number of volunteers giving up time during the week to water the plants. Let us know if you want to come along – all welcome.

New beds almost ready for planting…

CAMERAWith the arrival of fresh top soil from Bourne Amenities last week, work has ensued filling the new raised beds in preparation for planting out seedlings.


The next work party will be on Saturday 6th August from 12pm til 3pm. Please come along to help finish the beds and begin planting out seedlings. We will be collecting some surplus plants from the Greenhouse Group at Alexandra Park.

If anyone has any spare plants, feel free to bring them along! We also need wheel barrows, use of a strimmer (we have no mains electricity…) and plenty of elbow grease!

We will also be having a conversation about what we’ve achieved so far and future plans.



Can anyone smell garlic?

Down at the community garden we’ve uncovered a wealth of plants with culinary and medicinal uses.

Here’s Naomi, a garden volunteer, trying out the Rosy Garlic. The bulbils are like miniature Red Onions and are wrapped in a thin papery skin that peels away. It’s not uncommon to find it growing in the wild on the south coast, in rough or cultivated ground.

Our volunteers have taken some home to put in a vase or have a try at cooking with it.

Rosy Garlic

We’re compiling a page of all the wild plants we’ve discovered so far and what you might do with them.

Progress on the community garden

Another great sun filled garden session

Last weekend, after making use of the donated compost from Gardenscape Direct volunteers enjoyed a cup of tea with doughnuts at Southwater Community Centre. They met a delightful Shiatzu practitioner who helped carry buckets of water out and pour it over the plants too! They also cleared some of the rubbish near the storeroom and planted wild flower seeds. See the gallery below.

News on next steps

The most urgent thing is getting raised beds made and in situ. We are in touch with Littlewoods fencing who are happy to donate materials. Then we need soil and plants to put in the beds. We have some plant donations ready and waiting but please get in touch if you have anything suitable such as edible plants, herbs and flowering plants.

Several committee members recently met with the Station manager, Natalie Leister. She is looking into supplying various items including high viz jackets, ID badges for volunteers, a promotional poster for the platform we can update regularly and a bin for the north platform (to encourage people not to litter). They are also planning to refurbish the buildings on the south platform in the near future.

They are also likely to give the go ahead for a mosaic on the wall to the left of the station entrance – more on that soon!


Fruit tree planting at the community garden

Fruit trees donated by Keeper’s Nursery were planted last weekend at the community garden. Newly planted and young trees require frequent watering and we’ve been able to take a supply from the Southwater Community Centre. We’re really pleased to have support from the centre, although we hope to be installing water butts and collecting run off from a gulley on the slope near the tunnel.