Petition to Amber Rudd, MP Hastings and Rye

Hastings Supports Refugees is in the process of mounting a very rapid campaign to try to help the nearly 400 Calais children who already have legal right to be to be brought immediately to the UK. Below are the details of the campaign.

Access the online petition here.

Give refugee children safe passage now.

Children and unaccompanied minors in the Calais jungle are suffering appalling conditions. Many are being abused and have mental health problems. In recent months many have been injured and some killed trying to reach the UK.

The jungle is due to be demolished by 31 October. The children must be brought to safety before then.

Their suffering is needless – they have the legal right to be in the UK.

Your government has already given legal entitlement to nearly 400 young people to come to the uk, and they are therefore now our responsibility. Refusing to welcome them is criminal negligence.

We call on you, Amber Rudd, to take urgent action. Do whatever is in your power to honour the legal ruling now and enable their immediate safe passage to the UK.

The home office has the details of 400 legally entitled children and young people from the Calais camp but has processed only a small number.

They have a legal right to come here. Hastings and Rye say: let them in now.

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